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Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳

Download Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳 HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
Download Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳 HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳 HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳 HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
File Name: Religious Guilt Trip ! - Religious Scam In India ! 🇮🇳
Duration: 11 Minutes 57 Seconds
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Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019 at 5:30am
Uploader: Divert Living

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If it can happen at religious place, it could happen anywhere. We visited a very well-known religious site which is quite touristy. As a foreigner traveling, you should always be aware of possible scam even in places that you would less likely expect it to happen. Our practice and advice : Do walk away and avoid any further conversation when it happen. If you want to donate, less say, 10 rupee, just place money in the donation tray and walk away even they keep asking you to put 100 rupees. __ ☼ NOTE : Make sure you watch the video till the end to see the preview of Next Vlog so you know what to expect from our India Travel Vlog Series ⇢ SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss any vlogs from us : 🙏🏻 __ ☼ R E LA T E D C O N T E N T : 🙋🏻‍♀️ Previous Episode : his is our first time being invited and experienced Indian Wedding In New Delhi, India. : 🏠 This Is Our Home In India - Rented India Flat Tour 🇮🇳 🚉 How is Delhi metro train like ? See our first day in India and we had complete ride with Delhi Metro Train 🙆🏼‍♂️New to India? We are currently in India so you can follow us around while we travel here as first timers, we might made some mistakes but hey ! That's what make the adventure more fun as we learn from it, right ? - exploring places, cultures, trying many things here in India for the first time to fulfill the experience : ___ ☼ M U S I C : We get all our music from Musicbed (Note : when you sign up, we get a small kickback at no extra charge to you.): __ ☼ WANT TO FOLLOW ALONG OUR JOURNEY AND SUPPORT US ? : ⌲ S U B S C R I B E Best way to keep up with our VLOG don't forget to turn notification bell on so you WON'T miss any travel video from us !:) ⌲ L E T' S C O N N E C T ! -- -- -- ⌲ Travel Blog ⌲ FREE Travel advice location specific ⌲ Packing Essentials __ T R A V E L R E S O U R C E S ☼ Save up to $40 on Airbnb using our link : ( NOTE: we get $20, while you save $40 on the accommodation you book no matter how long you stay ) ☼ Our equipment for Vlogging : ☼ Book Accommodation for your next Travel : ☼ Some travel essential worth checking : ☼ FREE Travel essential/packing checklists by country : __ G E T T O K N O W U S - You do not have to be rich to travel - American and Thai travel couple left the career in military and finance to become travel story teller, proving the world that you don't have to be rich to travel well. We met in 2015 in South Korea While working and studying there. In 2017, September, we both kicked off traveling with $4000 in our saving account and first started creating 'divertliving' as a mean to : ☼ show you the world as the way it is - no sugar coated stuff, no hidden truth. ☼ provide you traveling tips as we consider ourselves as 'careful budget traveling couple' :) ☼ let you see our struggle and challenge we have been through while traveling and 'trying' to live digital nomad lifestyle as a mixed couple. ☼ give you positive vibe! as we are like that, we are positive couple :) We're stoked to take you along our journey and we do appreciate having your support here __ ☼ OUR CAMERA GEAR - Our Travel and Vlogging Kit is always changing / added you can check it out here for the real time update : ☼ WHAT WE USE TO EDIT - #indiatourism #divertliving #notravellimit


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